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Version: 1.2.17 | Size: 3.09M | Downloads: 4

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Casual Android
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Sweet new game with swipe action! Swipe your finger across matching candy pieces
*** NEW: Also Look for our Newest Version "CandySwipe Sticky Fingers" on the Android Market! ***

New Game! Now Also a Social Game!
A new casual puzzle game with swipe action. Swipe your finger across matching candy pieces left/right, up/down, or diagonally to increase score and time. Play with the kids!
Its a great everyone, and kids game.

If you like games like bubble buster, bubble blast, puzzles, or puzzle type games. You'll love CandySwipe!
Different than bejeweled 2, chuzzle or similar games

20 Levels
Access to high scores from the main screen
No Ads

New "Never Ending" Game Mode! Now you can play without a time limit! Only available in this version of CandySwipe!

New Friends Mode makes CandySwipe a social game you can play with your friends and see or keep track of their games scores on your phone along side yours.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I have found the newest Bejeweled! This is Candy Swipe. I played it on my Android phone, and it is just as addictive as candy." -MobileWhack

CandySwipe is 100% kids friendly puzzle game, even toddlers love it! Its challenging enough for adults, and entertaining enough for the kids.

How to play CandySwipe:
Swipe you finger across matching candy pieces either up/down, left/right, or even diagonally. The object of the game is to collect as many candy pieces as you can in a single swipe without touching non matching pieces. This collects you points and more time. They key is to keep your time period high enough to continue playing.

You can even go back for missed pieces during your swipe and long as your finger doesn’t leave the screen and you don’t touch any other non-matching pieces along the way. You need to stay on track with the same pieces.

Your time period starts with 100 seconds which is the max time you are allowed (these seconds count down faster after reaching higher levels)

There are 20 levels. You will reach a new level every 2,500 points. You will receive 20-30 seconds of more time for the period when you reach each new level.

Your score is calculated by the number of candy pieces swiped multiplied by itself. For example, if you swipe 2 pieces you will receive 4 points, if you swipe 4 pieces, you will receive 16 points. So if you swipe 9 pieces 9x9=81, and so on. So the maximum potential scope you could receive in a single swipe would be 49X49X2 = 4,802 that’s every candy piece on the board with an ice cream cone. The "Current Swipe" tracker next to the score shows you how many points the swipe will earn you)

Ice cream cones are wild, and double your current swipe score.

Your difficulty level dictates how much time is added when you swipe. For example:

Normal - adds 1 second for every 25 points acquired in a single swipe.(Swiping 5 will add 1 second)

Too Easy - adds 1 second for every 9 points acquired in a single swipe. (Swiping 3 will add 1 second)

Hard - adds 1 second for every 64 points acquired in a single swipe. (Swiping 8 will add 1 second)

Under Pressure - is the same as normal but you start with 20 seconds.

Swiping 10 candy pieces in normal mode will land you 100 points and 4 seconds added to your time period clock.

CandySwipe reserves the right to anonymously track and report a user's activity inside of the game.

Best Comments:
"Best game ever! Gets the adrenaline going and the added bonus is the non-caloric intake of such sweetness. Kudos to the creator (s)." by Jacqueline

"One of the best free games out" by Jenna

"1 of the best kids games for my niece" by Tracey

"Awesome game! Addicting I like the swipe so do my kids." by Jason

"It is the best puzzle games out!" by Chu

"This game is so much fun..addicting as well!" by Kathie

"One of my fav apps. It's the "new" Bejeweled :)" by Rachel

"OMG Very addictive kids love it" by Alice ** -



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Signature SHA1: 0A:CC:1E:B4:65:7B:3D:75:8D:89:21:04:BE:E0:BC:8F:C0:AD:47:E3
Developer (CN): Ransom Albert
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